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The Cosmetic Line (NIC)

Bundle Pack 3 NIC Threads | Non-Injectable Collagen Threads

Bundle Pack 3 NIC Threads | Non-Injectable Collagen Threads

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Bundle Packs - Buy More to Save! This pack contains 6 x Boxes of NIC Threads.

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NIC - Non injectable Collagen threads originated from Korea and have since become one of Europe's most popular treatments. The threads are made up of silk protein containing Sericin & fibroin (derived from silkworm) used for regenerative medicine combined with oligopeptide 1 & 2 (EGF - epidermal growth factor & IGF1 Insulin like growth factor) and pure gold. This formulation is designed to assist with skin concerns such as loss of volume, sagging, wrinkles, aging, brightening, lifting, hydrating, firming and improving skin quality & texture. As we age we start losing collagen in our skin. By some estimates, the skin loses 1 percent of its collagen every year starting in the mid-thirties, which leads to the formation of wrinkles and flatter looking skin. As collagen production dips dramatically nearer menopause, fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and other signs of ageing become more prominent. That is why it is important to nourish our skin and help promote natural collagen and elastin production in order to slow down the signs of ageing. When using NIC threads with other professional technologies we not only visibly reduce these signs of ageing but also  improve skin quality both at the epidermis and dermis layer offering long-term results. NIC Threads are professional use collagen threads that can be used with Bonding Serum and/or other appropriate professional technologies. In our training we will demonstrate different techniques to get maximum results as well as everything you need to know about performing these treatments. We offer one on one training, salon training, masterclasses and online training. Students will receive a kit worth over $500 as well as 10% discount on all future purchases. 

The key point of difference between NIC threads and other threads on the market is found in the ingredients. NIC Threads are made up of natural silk proteins whereas other brands are using synthetic materials which cost significantly less to produce eg. synthetic spider silk. The formulation of most other brands also does not include EGF or IGF1. This formulation is unique and exclusive to The Cosmetic Line and has been designed for professional use purposes only. NIC Threads box comes in a pack of 20 bags and each bag contains 12 threads either white, gold or both.



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NIC Threads Non-Injectable Collagen Threads

Originated from Korea and have since become one of Europe's most popular treatments

  • Promotes collagen production and repairs skin

  • Assists in reducing fine lines and wrinkles

  • Slows down the process of ageing

  • Slows down the process of ageing

Benefits of a NIC Thread Facial

Zero to minimal downtime
Immediate with ongoing results
Minimal to no pain
Promotes collagen production and repairs skin
Assists in reducing fine line and wrinkles
Slows down the process of ageing
Improves skin quality and texture
Brightens skin tone
Lifts and firms
Reduces pore size
Natural & effective